Tick is a next generation incredibly-customizable To-Do app. You can customize the entire interface with your favorite colors. Set reminders and have them synced to your Mac or iPad. Tick changes its colors as you move from a bright to a dark environment.

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Ambience Aware

In bed at night adding to-dos for tomorrow? Tick will detect you are in a dark room and automatically switch to a dark user interface. Next morning, you are packing for your trip, Tick will switch to a bright one. It works like magic!

Incredibly Simple

Clarity isn't just a word, you've to mean it! How to add a to-do in Tick, create a reminder, and mark a to-do as done, is straightforward and simple. No invisible gestures to remember every time you launch Tick.


Customization in Tick goes beyond rearranging lists and changing icons. Your color choices affect the entire user interface including system elements, and even the keyboard's cursor. Fonts? You can change those too!

Reminders Sync

Tick syncs with the native Reminders app on all your devices, making it incredibly versatile. For example, you can edit your to-dos in Reminders from your Mac or iCloud.com and changes instantly appear in Tick.

AirDrop Lists

While you can share lists via Email, AirDrop is the new kid in town. With Tick, you can beam lists directly to other iDevices. Lists are transfered along with your chosen color, icon, and name.

Siri Integration

One of the benefits of Tick's seamless syncing with the native Reminders app is that you can use Siri to add to-dos to your Tick lists. For example, "Add milk to my shopping list".

URL Scheme

Tick has an extremely powerful URL scheme that lets you create to-dos, reminders, and even to-do lists with specific colors from other apps. Learn more.

In The Press

    • "Tick is a customizable, icon-based to-do list app filled with animations that appeals equally to logic and emotion."

      Joseph Flaherty,
    • "Being ultra-organized just got more fun"

      Hayley Tsukayama,
    • "While Tick is handsome and clever, it isn't from the future. It's from someplace much more relevant: the present."

      John Pavlus,
    • "It's incredibly simple and easy to use, and unlike Clear it's not a pain to navigate between different lists."

      Thorin Klosowski,
    • "Customize Your To-Do List Exactly How You Want It."

      Christine Chan,
    • "The transitions between screens, the animations of the icons, the neat use of colors all make it absolute delight to use."

      Preshit Deorukhkar,
    • "Tick's color-coded shapes will organize your life unlike any other to-do app you've used."

      Michael Simon,
    • "Tick is a simple, highly customizable to-do list app that effectively uses color and animation to deliver a fun and motivating experience."

      Whitney Marks,
    • "From entertaining animations to beautiful translucent menus, Tick is an experience in its own."

      Allyson Kazmucha,
    • "The recently released Tick app is one app that stands a great chance of dominating the To-Do list space on iOS 7."

      Paul Morris,
    • "Tick: A To-Do App To Call Your Own."

      Jesse Virgil,
    • "If you thought iOS 7 was a showcase for flat design, you ain't seen nothing yet."

      Jim McCauley,
    • "Hands down, this is the ultimate organizational app for color lovers and designers."

      Kate Puhala,
    • "If you're still an iPhone notes or old fashioned paper kind of person, this app will seriously change your life."

      Kristen Chase,