SMS Shield

Machine Learning-based SMS Spam Filter

  • Protect your iPhone from SMS spam, ads, and phishing
  • Block mobile operator SMS (e.g. roaming rates SMS)
  • Block SMSs from specific phone numbers (e.g. your Ex)
  • Operates offline guaranteeing 100% privacy.

Block SMS Spam.
With Artificial Intelligence.

SMS Shield is an offline Machine Learning-based spam filter for iPhone. We trained it on what spam SMS looks like by showing it tens of thousands of spam SMSes beforehand. SMS Shield then learns and, to a high degree of confidence, can identify spam even if it hasn't seen it before. Besides spam blocking, SMS Shield includes innovative features like Frequent Traveler Mode.

Automatic Spam Filtering

SMS Shield will automatically block SMS spam like promotions, ads, phishing and scam attempts at stealing your senstive information (e.g. SMSes claiming to be from your bank).

Frequent Traveler Mode

Enable this innovative feature during your business travels to block the often-annoying SMSs sent by mobile operators when visiting other countries (e.g. "Welcome to country X...").

Custom Block List

With custom block list, you can block SMS from specific phone numbers or SMS that include specific keywords. Remember that annoying Ex who keeps SMSing you years later? Blocked!

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